"Stop running into the cooler"
Posted by Schauspieler 12 years ago
Tonight at work we were very busy, due to alot of people getting to-go orders so they can go home and eat chicken wings and watch the USC vs Miss State game tonight. and then the in-house business started up because we host the Cleveland Browns Backers, and the Steeler's Club, and both teams were playing. so it was a F'n madhouse in the kitchen....to make things worse, we've had a few people quit or fired last week, and our nighttime kitchen manager called out so he could move his stuff out of his old place because the guy he lives with, who is one of our Asst managers. so dealing with the crew we had, and especially this one guy who can't seem to understand that we are extremly busy and he needs to do his F'n job. I had to cover for his slack just so we could get some orders out and get more wings pre-cooked. So, as I'm having to goto the walk-in cooler to get something, I slip in a puddle of water, and sprain my ankle. So, I hobble out of the kitchen, down to the General Manager, tell him what happened, and he was like "Well, better go sit down and I'll get you some ice" Then a bit later he sends me to Urgent Care to get it looked at.  
The worst part of this is, my GM is acting like it's my fault this happened because I was "Running into the cooler" I was rushing, yes, but if the floor in the cooler wasen't a 30 year old metal floof that is uneven, with no non-slip devices such as mats, and is ussualy wet because people are always spilling stuff in there, I probably wouldn't have slipped. I have slipped in there several times, fell on my butt a couple times, this time I sprained my ankle. Now, they are paying for the Urgent Care visit, and now I'm going to have to be out of work for a few days. It's not like I'm the only one who has slipped in that cooler, I know a couple other of my co-workers have slipped in there too. Maybe after he gets the bill for the doctors visit, he might think of investing in some non-slip mats or something.  
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