An appreciation.
Posted by Bud Tugly 12 years ago
I like darkstar very much because he honors the Socratic conditions of dialogue: candor, intelligence, and good will.  
And I appreciate that.
shigpit: ... and he always puts the toilet seat down.
Bud Tugly:  
Yes, he seems the perfect houseguest, but look at what he does when you fall asleep!
Take that back...
darkstar: lying bastard!!  
Er...wait. Let me adjust my meds.  
Ahhhhhhh...much better.  
Thank you, Bud, for the compliment.  
I must be honest, though. I not only fervently disagree with your political ideology but also find many of your formulations to seem to be intentionally conflating, willfully obfuscating and testing the limits of what might be called the trolling boundary.  
In fact, I actually have you in my kill-file and only view your comments when it's seems pertinent. You've been a significant thorn in the side of our admin beaglebot and you're one of the most disruptive users in your interactions, particularly on political matters.  
However, I've found it difficult to justify simply banning you, because I do very much appreciate the free speech aspect of LF and, to be quite frank, you have had some really stellar moments of contributing. So forgive me if I'm abrupt with you, but also recognize that I'm trying to approach our differences in ideology and style with a sense of comity. And I respect your passion to champion your views, however misguided I think them to be.  
That said, I swear, when this election season heats up, if I see that crying Democrat baby graphic posted by you or anyone else, I will not be responsible for my actions. Disrespectful gloating, by members of either party, after the election is also likely to result in a response overly dramatic and uncalled-for on my part.  
I'm only human. :)