band name
Posted by humandoing 12 years ago
i was outvoted. the bands name is Prowler. so seventies, my last input. The price of coal was laughed out, i'm going to google prowler and see if its already been taken, childish i know,
shigpit: ... what was your choice?
humandoing: The price of coal,or Blue sky.
FuzzyDave: All those names aer weak.  
Name the Band:  
Sgt. Fuzzy's 1914 Flibbertygibbet, Spunk & Emu Zeitgeist  
now THERE'S a name you can wrap yer tongues around.  
By the way, have y seen my latest Rant about The Welsh?
FoolProof: I like TPOC.
thatmikeykid: Intergalactic Space Dogs from the Blue Cheese Galaxy is available.
Hugh2d2: What about "Robot Pirates From Alpha Centurai"
I like ...
shigpit: The Phallic Cymbals  
The Whirled Peas  
Jamaican Whoopie  
Scooby Did  
humandoing: i come here for some sanity. big mistake.
fabulon7: There was a band around here called Prowler for years.  
The Price Of Coal is pretty good. Are you a Tortoise/Broken Social Scene/Boards Of Canada/Animal Collective/Deerhoof kind of band? Cuz that's what it sounds like.  
Blue Sky is also taken.