Beginning again on a bright note.
Posted by Bud Tugly 12 years ago
Please welcome to the world...  
Tyler Evan Tugly
Tyler was born this morning at 7:52 am EST.  
Whew! We're beat!  
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Bud Tugly: Of course, my detractors may accuse me of trying to populate the world with white, Christian, Republican men with doughy white butts...
darkstar: ...on the recent arrival of your son!  
May God bless him with great health and happiness!
lagbnaft: May God bless you with a lifetime of happiness and joy with this gift of a child.  
LinusMines: Congratulations to you and your family!
FoolProof: /me celebrates!
shigpit: Best wishes for the n00b in the Tugly house.
bozino: awesome. congrats and all that
LowFlyingMule: Mr. Tugly!! That's awesome!
cornpone: it pains me to see that you are reproducing.  
Bud Tugly: Hahaha!
Trying to work in ...
kingskyprawn: Trying to work in a T.E.T. Offensive joke in here, but .. no , too cute!