LF users
Posted by humandoing 12 years ago
I was thinking about a couple of LF users who are not around anymore, one is the NATTeam he/she/they were posting just as i got here, a little bit anti brit, that did'nt bother me but the manner of their comments almost put me off lf. them puff, gone. then there's lord dimwit. shit, i clicked on the pic and fell in love untill i had a good look. even now lord dimwit baffles me, he/she cracks me up,very funny. as anyone any info.
fabulon7: lorddimwit is still here.  
He watches. He waits. He waits. He watches.
lorddimwit: Dear Fabulon LAST NAME HERE:  
Thank you for your inquiry concerning the online personality "lorddimwit." Several years ago, our organization (Amalgamated FrobozzCo Multinational) purchased this identity from a bankrupt Polish turnip farmer at a cost of a sack of yams and several bootleg copies of "Girl, Interrupted." Careful inspection of the complete historical spectrum of lorddimwit's comments will reveal an early concern, stated tersely and in bad English, with soil alkalinity and the proper fodder for mules, giving way to a sudden embrace of certain of the more wicked practices of gargantuan multinational corporations.  
Speaking of which, Fabulon LAST NAME HERE, all of this business talk has made us thirsty! Have you tried the new Coal Slag Stout circulated by our Division of Harmful Beverages yet? Industrial waste never tasted so smooth!  
With many warm regards,  
Your friends at FrobozzCo
FoolProof: If I ever find you, I'm gonna have you stuffed, mounted, and hung on my wall.  
You'll never be as great a conversation piece as you were while alive, though. :)
shigpit: Ss is into Feeding, humping, and strangling.  
Watch out Dimmy.
fabulon7: I think he probably just bought a bus ticket.
FoolProof: ROFL!
FoolProof: All of my comments are anti-Brit.
humandoing: see. thats exactly what i mean!.  
FoolProof: What's exactly what you mean? Click the little speech balloon icon to respond to a specific comment. That way whe know what you're talking about.  
Gawd, HD. How long have you been here? hehe. XD