For Ss
Posted by humandoing 12 years ago
Why the ignorant, savage, bastardly limeys bit. tell me you are only joking. although you have inferred to disliking Brits before. there's only about three or four of us that post regularly on LF and they seem ok. i don't know what Crats on about as i seemed to have missed all that. if i have taken it all out context then i apologize.
crataegus: I was on about everyone shutting up with the tribalism and not trying to play favorites. I have been lax in my smacking-Ss-on-the-nose duties lately, and I apologize for that. I wasn't telling ONLY the Royal Subjects to shut it. I was also telling those from the former colonies to shut it.
Horpy SpoonDigger: Sarcasm is a wonderful thing. If only it was easily spotted by everyone.  
If their is one thing that I hate it's people who are intolerant of other people's nationalities...... and THE DUTCH!
FoolProof: I most certainly WAS joking, HD. I was, both indirectly and directly, responding to crat's call for ceasing the battle 'across the pond' or whatever and, at the same time, to all this silly biz about excessive US-centrism on LF that's cropped up recently. My comment was intentionally over-the-top and pointed. I didn't mean to offend you, HD. I was trying to offend all the lowlife, binge drinking, pipe smoke smelling, spotted dick eating umm...  
But I digress. ;)  
No. I don't hate the limeys. I'm part limey m'self.  
FoolProof: ...and Minnesota was never a colony. :::raspberry:::
crataegus: Aren't you originally from New Amsterdam?
FoolProof: No.
rover77: only cuz noone ever wanted it...
FoolProof: Not true. MN is a wealth of natural and agricultural riches. We have some of the finest cheese fields in the whole of North America.
vinfille: And don't forget our huge annual output of yellow snow. That's a valuable commodity, doncha know.
FoolProof: Don't eat that stuff.
cornpone: why do you hate american GOUT?