Change your mind about Parenting once you were a parent?
Posted by Kassi42 12 years ago
Was there a fundamental parenting idea or guideline that you changed your mind about once you became a parent? For example (none of these reflect the opinion of the poster): views on spanking, religion, the parents should (don't have to) be married, public/private schooling, nutrition, drugs, etc....  
Post comments. I'm very interested in this topic as I'll be a part of the "parent" group here in about 6 -7 months. : )  
I changed my thinking around the idea that gender identity is a social construction, even before I had both a boy and a girl to raise. My wife and I were very wary of giving my daughter "girl toys," but she gravitated to them anyway. Then, when my son was born, he automatically gravitated toward toy balls, toy guns, robots, and dinosaurs. It just happened. I just went with it. Kids like what they like, and I now feel it's silly to try to steer them toward or away from toys or objects that they like to try to avoid "programming" them.
FoolProof: Further proof - I like nerf guns and legos. Tea sets are boring.
FoolProof: [/inner child]
sandwoman13: Nothing yet but will let you know.