Posted by humandoing 12 years ago
My pc gave up about three weeks ago. i gave it to a guy down the road who had started his own business fixing pc's. what i did'nt know was that he got a job in the meantime and did'nt have time to look at my machine. so while waiting for him fix it i bought a secondhand machine. i've been with aol since i got on the net, they were ok i thought becuse i had never been with any other isp but recently i realised they were almost taking over my pc, i'd close aol down and it wouls still be downloading stuff to my pc! and now you have to ring a call centre in india if you have a problem, they are most polite people in the world but know jack about computers, so i decided to ditch aol, not as easy as i thought. they liked me so much they would'nt let me go.first they gave me the wrong migration code so i was told by my new isp to tell aol to take the tag off my line. ok says aol it will take five working days. so five days later i ring my new isp and ask if i can get online yet, no they say aol are still on your line. so i ring india again and they ask me why i want to leave aol. damn it just get off my line, ok it will take five working days. so another five days go by and eventually i get back online. and i finally get my old pc back with the news that the cpu and the motherboard are shot. so it looks like i going to have to shell out for a new pc. i have not been on linkfilter for nearly a month, to many posts to read so might be reposting a bit.