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As of today I've made the move to switch over my home desktop to Ubuntu linux. I toyed around for a few weeks dual booting between Ubuntu and XP and found myself booting less and less often into my Windows environment with each passing day. I took the files I needed off my Windows install and nuked the drive.  
Vista appearing to be nothing but a colossal train wreck prompted me to give linux a fresh try. Frankly, what I've seen from Vista makes me want to puke. I've tried the beta candidate on a test bed system I built and another off the shelf system that's 'Vista Ready.' The installation on each was horrid. I was unable to get Vista working in any capacity on my home built system, and after 3 tries it took on the 'Vista Ready' machine. Unimpressive is the only way I can discribe Vista. It's bloated, sluggish, a terrible resource hog and loaded with DRM content protection. Toss in WGA bullshit and I came to the conclusion that there was no way I would let this run on my home system.  
I still, however, wanted a system running on and OS that's going to continue to be developed & cutting edge. Since Microsoft presented me with no viable options beyond continuing to run an old XP install that is already long in the tooth, I fired up Ubuntu.  
I had tinkered around with Linux in one capacity or another at home for years, but had different hardware & software problems each time that kept me coming back to Windows. This wasn't the case with Ubuntu. My hardware was 100% functional out of the box. The OS is light, fast and impressive. I hit up their outstanding community forums and found easy answers to help me setup my old software the way I liked it. Gangbusters. I know it sounds like a cheesy commercial, but I really like what they've put together.
FuzzyDave: Nerd.  
(oh. and welcome back!)
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(and thanks!)
Just out of curiosity ...
shigpit: What is it you DO? Like, to make beer money?
fb-: Network administration for a local airline.
aktaeon: That is a little scary.
fb-: Hehe.. they let me have 14 months off to wander around Europe, Russia and the Caribbean, and welcomed me back with open arms after my trip. I must be doing something right ; )
FoolProof: Lucky bastid.
fb-: Buddy on island took over my plants while I was away. I'm going to start a fresh crop this weekend : )
fabulon7: If they would make three pieces of softare for linux, I would never, ever use Windows.  
Oh, and also, welcome back. I've been cold and lonely without you.
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