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The painful results of a centipede bite have been well known for centuries. In 1740, the English naturalist Charles Owen wrote, "The Scolopendra is a small venomous worm, and amphibious. When it wounds any, there follows a Blueness about the affected Part, and an Itche all over the Body, like that caused by Nettles. Its Weapons of Mischief are much the same as those of the Spider, only much larger; its Bite is very tormenting, and produces not only pruriginous Pain in the Fleshe, but very often Distractions of the Minde."  
Got bitten again tonight. Yay. If that's 1740 speak for 'hurts like having a hot nail driven through your foot for the next 6 hours' then I agree.  
Apparently some stupid fuckers are keeping these things as pets. I don't get it. I can't keep them out of my house and some assholes are paying to welcome them in.  
Handling a centipede  
Housing a centipede
That's what you get...
FoolProof: ...for posting pics of your tropical paradise when it's December and I'm in Minnesota.  
Those things are nasty. We don't have anything like that short of a rattlesnake up here.