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Woke up at the crack of 10am this morning, had a wake-and-bake, grabbed my camera, a beer and bottle of water. Decided to go out and see a beach I haven't visited in forever, Issacs. The beach is usually a bitch of a hike to get down to, but this trip was significantly more difficult. In years past, the hike down had been a dry, dusty and rocky path over a beach and two big hills. To my surprise, the dry path down is absolutely overgrown with vegetation. The abundance of rain this year is really evident on the hike.  
The Nature Conservancy has apparently been active on my beach. Markings are everywhere indicating that Issacs, Jacks and other beaches around the area are protected turtle nesting beaches. These folks do great job caring for the animals and keeping the place clean.  
The Nature Conservancy's Work @ Issacs & Jacks  
An obscenely windy day on St. Croix. Normally calm beaches on the north and east shores look like this.  
Plants on what is a normally dry rocky path. The air is sickly sweet with the smell of those little blue flowers.  
Giant grape tree plants have sprung up just off a beach, where there were none before. Oh, and a lovely nest of very aggressive jack spaniard wasps that I managed to disturb : (  
The walk just to get this shot was a pain. There's a stiff, constant 40mph breeze of air coming off the cliffs. A large gust managed to knock me off my feet and on my ass a second or two after the shot.  
I don't have the foggiest what type of cactus it is, but the little hot pink fruits on it make the trip worth it. They're crunchy, sweet and probably not poisonous. I've eaten dozens on multiple trips with no ill effects.  
Finally, after 30 minutes of hiking, the reason I came, Issacs!  
Somebody built a shelter.. poachers.. sunburned tourists.. bored locals.. who knows.  
Time to take a dip and lime.  
The walk home... uhhh.
somebody is going to say it.
cornpone: I'll be the first.  
FoolProof: Werd. It's gotta be rough.