Posted by fb- 12 years ago
I think I just figured out who I'm voting for in `08.  
Pauly/Paris `08  
'Hey, we can't fuck shit up more than Bush.. buuuuuuudddddddyyyyyy'
vinfille: That is really just way, way more of Pauly Shore than I needed to see, ever, in my lifetime. Ow, my eyes!
LinusMines: ____________: "Get that thing off me...I don't know where it's been!"
shigpit: Hahaha!
substrate: And this my friends is why abortion should be allowed to the 150th trimester.
It's sad that
SpearmintFur: Washed up actors can get hot girls, but I can't.  
Frowny face.
shigpit: If by "get" means "can be in the company of" then yeah. But if by "get" you mean something contagious and febrile, you can acquire that too.  
Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not stick your penis in Paris Hilton's cooter.
Hugh2d2: It's like... the nexus of suck and blow.
darkstar: Or rank and skank.