Posted by fb- 12 years ago
Haha.. it's almost 11pm(ast) on Sunday.. that means Dexter!  
Six Feet Under's Michael C. Hall is still dealing with death, just in a different way. In this adaptation of Jeff Lindsay's novel "Darkly Dreaming Dexter," Hall stars as a forensics pathologist who moonlights as a serial killer.  
I don't watch much TV, in fact, almost no TV.. but I'm hooked as shit on this show.  
RE: almost the
fb-: Hehe.. 12 more episodes coming in Season 2 ; )
fb-: Yeah.. that final is gonna be goood.
FoolProof: ..and how long have you been giving the title UHHH to all of your journals?
SpearmintFur: Since your grandfather was in diapers.
fb-: Since the dawn of time.
DEXTER IS TEH R0x0r K1llz0r!!
r03: this is currently the only show i watch on TV...excluding hockey games.