Posted by humandoing 12 years ago
I have quit the band i was in. we only played one gig. we were eventually called Moby duck. we all brought names in and that was one of mine, well it just a joke name really thrown in at the last minute, the lead guitarist quit because his marital problems and i because i had a better offer off a working band whose name is worse than Moby duck. well, they are a working band at the moment. the singer and keyboard player are husband and wife and they could be splitting up. we will know more after xmas. i think i am destinied to never play in front an audience again. i dont seem to find the time to sit in front of a computer at at the length of time like i used to. there are plenty of bands playing in pubs around here at the weekend around here so i find myself going more.and in the week its practise. i love my music, just bought another guitar and an effects pedal. what did you think of Moby duck as a name Shigpit?  
if anyone wants to sell a bass let met know, ta.
lorddimwit: Did you at least trash the hotel room before you checked out?
no, after
shigpit: Moby Duck is fine... but I think in terms of literary animal names you could do better. BeoWolf? Pigmalion?
crataegus: Edgrr Allen Poecilia.
LowFlyingMule: Beowolf is a kickass band name.