Baby Update
Posted by Kassi42 12 years ago
Mama's doing fine. I'm currently 22 weeks along today. Tomorrow is my next ultrasound and hopefully we'll be able to tell the gender (finally!). Greg and I both can feel the kicking. I've learned the heavenly properties of seasalt baths (lukewarm, of course since the baby can't regulate its own temperature yet). I've not stopped throwing up, but I have a bad morning sickness day about once every 4 days or so. My body is growing and I'm getting a lot of stretch ("stress") marks. I'm making sure I'm putting lotions and things like that on them, but right now I don't feel as much like a "hot mamma" the way I did before.  
My energy is back, but instead of spending it a lot on linkfilter, I've used it to concentrate on other, much needed things like house cleaning and working here and there.  
I'm doing well and so is Greg. We're both very excited about the new addition. I can't wait to see the baby tomorrow - even if they can't tell us the gender. But I sure do hope they can!
darkstar: ...goes out for pickles and chocolate ice cream...  
SpearmintFur: I think Kassi is more of the tuna fish and cheesecake sort of gal.
lagbnaft: We too wait with anticipation, glad to hear that you and Greg are well. You're in my prayers,  
You just watch ...
shigpit: ... we'll have FilterTwins™ born on the same day.