Soon to be
Posted by Darwish 12 years ago
Soon, this will be my new ride. I will transfer all the parts from my current bike.  
With this bike I shall crush the spirits of strong men.  
Unfortunately, this frame does not have a place to put my gun. I will have to get a thigh holster.  
It looks, uh...
darkstar: ...very triangulary.
darkstar: I count three distinct triangles.
darkstar: Please don't shoot me.  
darkstar: It's the Guinness talking.
Darwish: Uh, beer doesn't talk, dude.
cornpone: yes it does.  
icehouse: dude, i'm only 3.99  
me: *guzzle*  
icehouse: i'm in ur bellee, f'n up ur gutz.  
me: i must be hungry  
icehouse: that was me talk'n  
me: *guzzle*
Darwish: I have a bottle of vintage port.
bozino: 2 questions:  
1) Way back when I was into biking (we wore onions on our belts back then), Giant was kind of looked down on as lower quality. Has their image/features/quality improved?  
2) What performance improvements do you expect to get from a new frame?  
Just wondering.
vinfille: I think Giant has improved a lot since the late '90's, which was when I thought Giant wasn't all that hot, either. I have a composite Giant road frame, and it beats the pants off my old Bianchi, which wasn't a bad bike for its time.  
Of course, my husband sells Giant bikes, so I may be biased.
fabulon7: My bike is a Giant something or other. It's pretty cool. But it's not going to crush anyone's spirit.
Darwish: You can buy the spirit-crushing option. It goes in the wicker basket on the front.
fabulon7: How much?
Darwish: Your soul.
cornpone: that's kinda pricey dude.
cornpone: however, we are talking about fab.
Darwish: Giant is the largest frame manufacturer in the world. They got started by making frames for other bike companies (Trek, in particular). In fact, Giant still makes many of the frames that other very large bike companies sell.  
Giant is very supportive of independent bike dealers. Really, I cannot say enough good things about their service and commitment to us as an independent bike shop. We are so happy with Giant that we have dropped one line of bikes in order to spend more money with Giant and carry more Giant bikes.  
This frame is full-on track geometry with a very stiff frame. Very aggressive, very twitchy, fast and aggressive enough to be dangerous.
no suspension?  
Darwish: eh, carbon fork
sobchak: dude, not enough steel. I'd have to give it another consider - get a steamroller.
Darwish: I already have the monkey, I don't want another surly.  
I figure carbon seatpost, maybe take the edge off. But I am really not concerned about comfort with this thing.  
If I really don't like it, I sell it for more than what I paid for it and get something else.
FoolProof: I already have the monkey, I don't want another surly.  
Is that some sort bicycle guy lingo I'm not aware of?
sobchak: bicycle thing - yes.  
guy thing - not so much.  
Surly Bikes  
FoolProof: Them are some [yawn] lookin bikes.
FoolProof: I like the backwards lookin ones you ride upside down and pedal with your hands.