Here it is, then
Posted by Darwish 12 years ago
Ooooo, purty.
vinfille: Can I touch it?
SpearmintFur: And get your cooties all over it?  
Darwish, you better hire a Mexican migrant worker to watch that thing so no one steals or or even touches it. That or a homeless person. They'll both do it for cheap.
Mac: Fixed gear? Not too many large hills nearby, eh?
vinfille: One word for you, Mac: Minnesota.  
But it doesn't matter, anyway- ol' thighs'o'steel Dar could probably take the hills. His leg strength makes me very jealous, as a cyclist.
Mac: Ahhh...yes, the arctic state.  
I'll be visiting your err...lovely province in April for my tri-city whirlwind tour.  
By Tri-city, I mean MSP, Burnsville and Cloquet/Duluth ;-)
sobchak: I feel a MN delegation beer and wine tasting taking place in April - hopefully not in Burnsville, though.
sobchak: "By Tri-city, I mean MSP, Burnsville and Cloquet/Duluth"  
that sounds like a penta-city tour to me
aktaeon: I think it's adorable that you consider Burnsville and Cloquet cities.
sobchak: I stand corrected
seat angle and carbon fiber
sobchak: first: the seat angle looks to be pointing down a bit - I like to use a level to set mine up. Please fix.  
second: the fork - is the entire fork and steerer-tube carbon fiber, or is there a transition in there someplace. If so, what is the 2nd material. Please discuss.
lagbnaft: size that image man...