Server issues
Posted by potatono 12 years ago
Hey all, sorry for the server issues.. I made some changes that will hopefully take care of them.. Drop me some comments here if you're still not reseting CP or new comment scan isn't working.
Three cheers for potatono!
SpearmintFur: Hip hip! Huzzah!  
Hip hip! Huzzah!  
Hip hip! Huzzah!
darkstar: Thanks, pno! :)
shigpit: You rock, p-no.
cornpone: thanks much p-no.
crataegus: Senkoovermush.
lagbnaft: Not only does everything seem to be working great but LF is fast... as it always was. No more dddrrraaaggging. Thanks man. Your 1 in a million!
pneum0nic: Werd to teh P-no!
lorddimwit: It seemed to be working OK for me for a while, but now it's giving me even more grief than ever. Internal server errors out the wazoo.  
...I apologize for making you think about linkfilter's wazoo.