Graveyard Shift
Posted by Schauspieler 12 years ago
Well, my boss informed me today, that starting Sunday night, I'll be on 3rd shift. So, now Crat and I will both be (Chill me, Thrill me, Fulfill me.....) Creatures of the Night.  
On one hand, it'll be better for the getting to and from work arrangement, I won't have to be getting up at 6 am anymore, and I'll have less people around to bother me, and it gives me more freedom to get away from the desk when I please.  
On the other hand, it's alittle more boring, I'll pretty much be by myself (except for a few people going in and out) and it'll put me back on that sleep all day, up all night thing again, that I've just about have gotten over from previous jobs.  
But, I've always been more of a night person anyways, I'm not a morning person at all. So, this may just be better for me. We'll see...  
Creature of the night?
SpearmintFur: Insert picture of one of the RHPS character close ups from Janet's perspective here.
FoolProof: DAMMIT!
darkstar: BLAA!