Look out for Penguins!
Posted by Schauspieler 12 years ago
vinfille: What's with the prone penguin? Is he messin' with the brakes, or something? Creepy!
SpearmintFur: Penguins are a sneaky bunch. They love messing with your brakes and they especially love to siphon your gas and then laugh when you have no gas. They do a little dance afterwards.
pneum0nic: Penguin on the left is casting a levitate spell on the penguin who is sleeping under the car. End result: flying cars!
LinusMines: I'd teach my penguin to check beneath its own vehicle. Otherwise, the terra-ists would win.
FoolProof: Yes.
random retro penguin find
vinfille: complete with drunk chick in a waterbra...  
Thanks, Lileks.
Look out, Mr. Wakwak! She's going to knock you out and steal your wallet!
Schauspieler: She'll be disappointed when she discoverers there's only herring in his wallet.
FoolProof: A red one. The money is on top of his feet, under his gut.
And here's a shot I took with you in mind, in Venice.
Boom Boom Penguin!