Question about the Colorblind Gene. Will Anya be color blind?
Posted by Kassi42 12 years ago
I'm colorblind, I have two recessive color blinds on both X chromosomes. Greg is not colorblind. He added a dominant non-color blind on the X chromosome that he gave to Anya. So what does this mean? What's the chance that Anya will have it?  
I can't do those grid things. THey hurt my brain. And I haven't found a link on google about it yet.
Mac: Sorry...the above link is just for survey purposes...try here
Kassi42: AWesome. She'll be a carrier, but she won't be colorblind. If she was a boy, she would be colorblind since I'd be the one giving the X chromosome. Thanks! : )
SpearmintFur: Wow, I'm amazed math and the Interwebs can figure that sort of thing out.  
Thanks, math (and Interweb)!
FoolProof: You're welcome - and may the Force be with you.