Sopranos series finale
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 12 years ago
Excuse me HBO, but WTF. Seriously.
Can I has Soaprano moovi now plz? kthxbai
shigpit: Without spoiling anything:  
1) There were cheers from the crowd  
2) There were moments of anger  
3) There was ambiguity  
All of which made the Sopranos what it was.  
I think the ending left something to be desired, but my wife and I spent about 20 minutes discussing what we thought was happening and why it would have ended like that. We have agreed on it ... and it would be a good basis for the movie ifandwhen it's done. I don't think they've struck the sets yet.  
If you're interested in my take, let me know offline. :)  
blackvelvetjesus: HBO botched the series finales of Carnivale and Rome, so I shouldn't have been surprised how this one came out. Still, WTF.  
HBO can redeem themselves by bringing season 4 of Deadwood a little sooner.