Mankiw's Ten Principles of Economics, Translated
Posted by blackvelvetjesus 11 years ago
Translated by the Stand-Up Economist here.  
This guy is a trip.
As a Mankiw fan
SpearmintFur: I agree.  
I'm surprised no one else has posted it in any form here.
SpearmintFur: That also reminds me of a good economic jokes (and it's not the one about "stag-flation" a professor once told me):  
A mathematician, an accountant, and an economist apply for the same position and each are interviewed.  
The mathematician goes first. The interview asks him "What is 2+2? equal" The mathematician replies "4." "Four exactly?" asks the interviewer and the mathematician says "Yes, 4 exactly."  
The account goes next. He too is asked "What is 2+2? equal" and the accountant says "Well, give or take ten percent, on average 4."  
The economist is then interviewed. He is also asked the question "What is 2+2 equal?" The economist looks around, draws the blinds and the curtains, makes sure the door is locked, goes up to the interviewer and asks "What do you want it to equal to?"