Life seems only as good as your last really good memory
Posted by Birdieguy 11 years ago
...It's been a long while since the plethora of things on my mind has been outweighed by a single great event. I handle it all finely.. sanely.. by simply enjoying both the simple things & everyday things that I am extremely thankful to have: The best woman in the world, both my parents even still, my dogs that I love & enjoy dearly, the career that I've long desired, my music that can take me away at any time, and the prospect of what is always very possible in the future.  
In light of things that have been going on lately, I guess I shouldn't complain about my life. But I wouldn't be posting this if there were no complaints. The last couple of years of my life have been two of my most introspective and self-revealing years that I could have ever imagined. I have come a long, long way from many times when I was nowhere near what I am today. And for this, if only this, I am happy inside despite a whole, whole lot!  
AB: Although I have yet to accumulate enough years to experience what you've experienced, I'm still sure that this is a wonderful outlook to have. Going through life unhappy just plain sucks. Good for you.
darkstar: *groks*