Vote Greg
Posted by Kassi42 11 years ago
Greg (my husband) created an open-source demo game for the Intel Game Demo 2007 contest in an attempt to win some prizes and fame. Voting time is upon us, and he needs votes to secure a spot in the top 10.  
Please drop by here (clicky) and rate his game. He'd appreciate a thumbs-up (but won't hold it against you if you honestly vote him down).  
You can also try out the game from that link or view the 9mb WMV trailer.  
If you don't mind, since big cash prizes are involved and all, you can also post about this in your own blog to get votes. But only if you like.  
Thanks in advance for voting!
FuzzyDave: from fuzzy!
FuzzyDave: so to speak.
shigpit: thumb up!
Thumbs up
LinusMines: Great idea for gameplay.  
(on the other hand, it might lead to a comical game-related syndrome)
This former game designer/publisher sez:
darkstar: THUMBS UPZORZ!
AB: I liked, and voted accordingly.