NFL Tailgate Picks
Posted by Birdieguy 11 years ago
No one's hosting it? Tbone? I have to say that I'd be happy to, although we're already a game behind.  
fabulon7: Do it -- tbone can't do it this year. He's curled up in a ball in the corner of his bedroom, crying about:  
a) His team's outlook in Ron Mexico's absence.  
b) How much his spreads suck.  
By the way, I'll take Indy in game 1.
Harrington will lead the Falcan'ts to the promised land. I 'm actually happy that Mr. Mexico aka Ookie will not be playing for the Falcan'ts
cornpone: go for it. please.  
however, your spreads will most likely suck, all spreads suck.
madtbone: i'd love for someone to post the the tailgate. i look forward to seeing how bad your point spreads suck.