On vacation!
Posted by potatono 11 years ago
I realized that I never take vacations when it took me an hour, and watching an instructional video, to set my outlook out of office auto-reply...  
Now that you've got it...
FoolProof: ...go follow bear for a month.  
There's a guy that knows a thing or two about vacationing.
cornpone: congrats p-no! have fun!
fabulon7: Enjoy. Congrats. Woo-hoo. Etc.
darkstar: Don't kill any hippies!  
FoolProof: Or do. Nobody really cares except for their families.  
..and even they don't care too much.
shigpit: That's awesome, p-no.  
What should we refer to your betrothed-to-be as? Howabout Taterina?  
Or something.
FuzzyDave: Good Question, shiggy; cuz we all know that p-no's kid will be ... (*sigh* you know what's coming...)  
tater tot.
shigpit: HAHAHAHAHA!
AB: Congrats!
ultrafastx: have fun!
more ppl taking the plunge
downtown: yeah i just got married this summer... ride the wave as long as you can, and congrats to both of yous!