T minus 12 hours
Posted by LinusMines 11 years ago
Friday, at the MCM Expo:  
Best slogan on a runner's T-shirt (that I didn't end up purchasing): Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead.  
(I'll wait until my shirt with the highway sign Hell And Back - 26.2 miles wears out.)  
That's it for using CP tonight. Wish me luck.
Good Luck, but
FuzzyDave: maybe you shouldn't run a marathon wearing a big furry costume.  
Just sayin.
Good Luck!!
AB: Break a leg! Oh, wait, you might need those...
Cool Runnings, mon!
affiliate19: Hoo rah!
= fail
affiliate19: furries = fail  
affiliate19: Oh my.
FoolProof: LUCK!!!