Posted by j d ess 12 years ago
Just watched Maxed Out, a documentary about credit in America. Credit and debt have been something of an obsession of mine. My mom taught me over and over and over (...) to pay off any/all debt as soon as humanly possible long before I even had a credit card. Going to college, I remember a dorm neighbor who came in freshman year, signed up for a card, bought a new wardrobe, took people out to the bars (pizza parlor w/ loose taps, really)...then was gone. One semester and his parents pulled him. $10k+ in credit card according to his roommate, as I recall. Totally blew my mind.  
Anyway, the movie reinforced everything I already knew/thought, so I'm not sure I can say anything unbiased about it. It did use "Under Pressure" as the in/outro music, which makes for a five-star credit reel.  
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