A Red wine mixer for beer drinkers
Posted by Birdieguy 11 years ago
OK Here we go...  
You're out of beer, but you have red wine. And yes, it sucks.  
(First go get a six pack and don't deal with it.)  
Then... after that beer's gone:  
Mix 1 part Red Wine, and 2 parts Sprite, or Ginger Ale, or whatever white soda there is.  
Add a ton of ice, and the kicker: 2 Teaspoons of sugar... because the reason the red wine sucks is because it's too dry and bitter.  
Let me know how you like it.  
LowFlyingMule: If i die after drinking this concoction, Birdieguy, I will come back and haint you.  
That's right, haint.
Hugh2d2: It won't kill you, but it might make you ovulate.
No and no.
vinfille: No no no no no no no.  
Fluffy: werd.
lorddimwit: I was at a reception one time with college students acting as bartenders. They had only red and white wine, all of it really crappy. As I was morosely starting on another glass of the red, one of the bartenders said: "oh, let me make you a Town and Country. You'll like it." In retrospect, I should have been wary of the cocktailish name owing to the lack of any real liquor.  
It turned out to be red wine mixed with Coke. I thought that nothing could make the wine worse, but I was wrong. So very wrong. That stuff made me want to vomit with despair.
FoolProof: What a beauty.
shigpit: You can add a cup of sugar to the dry red wine and make Manischewitz.