Posted by LinusMines 11 years ago
The New York Toy Fair happened recently, and it was THE place to be to see all the hottest new lead-drenched confections for the kiddies. The Washington Post's Kidspost section...included a roundup featuring one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen, a toy which combines the most unholy aspects of My Little Pony and Bratz. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Struts...the fashion model whorses:  
...My horror still has not abated. Were these things developed by mean-spirited psychoanalysts or what? OMG.
(source: Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog; includes links to artist renderings, product images and comments from around the internet)
Choice Comments
LinusMines: "Anthropomoronism"  
"It's like someone made a gesture toward sexualizing a horse without having ever previously encountered either sex or a horse."  
"This is the way the world ends  
This is the way the world ends  
This is the way the world ends  
Not with a bang, but a whinny"  
"You almost expect there to be a little button that, when pressed, makes the horse say something like, "Want a ride, hotcakes?"  
"I am going to make glue out of these, and then use the glue to fill the holes in the brain of whoever designed them."  
"Turns out when you buy them, they send out a special signal and [Child Protective Services] comes and collects your kids immediately."