My Basses
Posted by humandoing 11 years ago
The Band i'm in is still going strong. we are playing mostly pubs at the moment but i dont mind where we play as long as i'm playing. i have gathered quite a bit of gear along the way. here's my Basses  
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FuzzyDave: 3 fenders and a ricky?
humandoing: The black one with the maple neck is a Lakland. a really nice bass.
fabulon7: I wish I had a really nice bass.  
I have two really nice guitars. But my bass is a piece of crap.
FoolProof: I wish I even had a piece of crap bass. I was gonna nab one off of CL, but I never followed up.
All of your basses...
FoolProof: ...are belong to meee.
pneum0nic: Thanks a lot - my sentiments eggs ackley!