Drawing Day 2008: The Linkfilter Wing
Posted by LinusMines 11 years ago
Today is Drawing Day!  
The Theme: There's gonna be PIE!  
For entry to the LF wing, your artwork should incorporate pie in one form or another (kudos to Fluffy). It can be the central theme, or simply an incidental element. Of course, pie can be whatever you make it.  
The Posting  
After submitting your artwork to the host of your choice, post a link here. For our instant gratification, you can post the image here from whichever ImageBucket you use (try not to bring down the Hammer of LF with your artwork's content). Otherwise, make some noise and one of us might be able to sponsor you with some hosting space.  
The Premiere  
In the cooperative spirit of Drawing Day, hang up your masterpiece anytime on Saturday, June 7th (unless you don't do spirit, in which case you can post it whenever).  
As Picasso should've said, "Art is a pie that makes us realize the truth." Happy drawling!  
How to Draw a Pie (wikiHow.com)  
i can't draw
Pie a la MONSTER!1
Don't worry;
AB: I posted this pic to the flickr group earlier, so I made it in, in time.  
P.S. The hair/beast is based off a certain Greek letter.
AB: And now I realize he should have had a red nose. Oh well.
FoolProof: Bravo for the pi monster.
its still saturday in oregon and here's my drawing...
spoon: 'a crown and a slice of pie'