Good bye Chloe.
Posted by Horpy SpoonDigger 11 years ago
Today we lost a four legged member of our family. Chloe had been with us for 16 years. She was truly an awesome pet, loyal friend and loved by everyone. We will miss her dearly.  
Cats and other animals often come and go on a farm. It's part of nature. However sometimes a special animal comes along and steals your heart. One that is smarter, more charismatic, more intuitive and bonds with people in ways that other animals do not. Chloe was one of those special creatures.  
I feel privileged that my life was enriched by her love and companionship. She was an enormous presence wrapped in a diminutive package.  
You will be missed.  
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A poem I wrote for this occassion
SpearmintFur: Horpy's cat Chloe died, she died!  
Mom said she was sleeping,  
She lied! She lied!  
Horpy's cat Chloe is dead,  
Why couldn't God have taken me instead?  
If it's any consolation, at least now she's in ur heaven, lookin over u.
As friends move on....
Bye Chloe, you will be missed.
Sorry buddy.
FoolProof: That's rough.
Good owners
kingskyprawn: Sounds like you gave her a good & loving home - lucky cat indeed.
bozino: sorry to hear. good pets are like family.