GTA Vigilante
Posted by Birdieguy 10 years ago
Just because this is a place to post it...  
I love Grand Theft Auto, and Vice City is my current flavor. I'm at about 90% completion, but I love doing vigilante missions. And I know tons of you use the Rhino tank or the Hunter Apache helicopter to do these (see various YouTube videos). I have done these, but I much prefer using the FBI Cheetahs (and police cars & FBI Ranchers when necessary).  
My previous record was 318 kills & level 31.  
The other night I did this:  
Yeah, that's 910..  
Yep.. That was 1264 kills, Level 110.. NO Rhinos.. NO Hunters.. Wheeeeeeeee!
XIV: VICE CITY?!? XIV hisses at obsolescence.  
j/k. With that of dedication to frikkin vigilante, you need to get GTA4 stat.