Big FFL question
Posted by Birdieguy 10 years ago
OK.. all you fantasy football gurus out there I have a question:  
First off, here's my team (10-team league; normal scoring.. QB 1/20, RB-WR 1/10, all TDs 6; 1pt per reception)  
QB McNabb/Hasslebeck  
RB Portis/McGahee/Edge/RBrown/LWhite/MBush  
WR TO/Housh/VJackson/CStuckey/KWalter//KCurtis  
TE Winslow  
K Akers  
D Dallas/Seattle  
Adding Ronnie Brown on waivers this past week, b/c a guy got trigger-happy to release him, I suddenly became ultra deep at RB (obviously).  
I have a fellow owner, who lost Brady and is really hurting at QB, agreeing to Hasslebeck/Portis FOR Colston.  
Do I do it??? Jason Campbell is there for me to add and is a perfect bye-week fill-in for McNabb (Wash vs. Clev. that week)
my .02
bozino: Hasselback & Portis combined for 5 TDs YTD.  
Colston has none.  
Do the math.
bozino: well, not "combined for". More like "combined have". because they're on different teams. or something.
FuzzyDave: I don't understand Fantasy Football Leagues.
LowFlyingMule: Football for nerds.  
/me ducks, runs away.
FoolProof: Don't duck. Don't run.  
They're nerds. They can't hurt you. ;)
bozino: /me pushes his taped up glasses up his nose, and glares menacingly
aktaeon: I think fantasy baseball is for nerds; fantasy football is for hustlers who like to think that hustling is science.  
FoolProof: I'm a hustler, baby.  
I just want you to know.
FoolProof: What I never understood is it's widespread appeal. People play FF that would never touch a D&D book.
LowFlyingMule: I think a lot of FF has to do with players moving from team to team over their careers...teams don't stay together for years like they did when we were kids, and your favorite player may only be on your favorite team for one or two seasons now due to free agency, salary cap etc...  
FF let's you follow your favorite player.
FoolProof: You could do that without the pen and paper RPG. :)