My 10th anniversary
Posted by lagbnaft 10 years ago
I have made a book with every card, letter, and note my wife has ever given me. Do you think that will be a good gift?
shigpit: That's both thoughtful and impressive.  
Although she might also appreciate something shiny.
lagbnaft: Shig, for our 5th I made a bracelet out of rocks, twigs, and things from every camping trip we'd ever been on.  
Her 'shine-y' present was the cross she wanted. I did more... I made sure it was covered in diamonds.
BTW Guys
lagbnaft: I am TOTALLY in love with THIS woman.
FoolProof: If you love her, make her wear sunscreen. ;D
lagbnaft: Are you married? MAKE? huh. Not MY wife. I ain't makin her do shit. She won't have it that way.
FoolProof: Lol.  
Fine, then just sneak it onto hear under the guise of a massage.
I know my math isn't so hot,
FoolProof: removed, removed, removed, ...  
vinfille: The comments are there.
pneum0nic: how can it be ten years? I think that's vin's question.
bozino: maybe ten years since they met?
ultrafastx: Yeah...WTF comes to mind.
My life
lagbnaft: has been hard. I removed all posts due to someone emailing me in a way I did not care for. Vin, if you want an explanation please email me and you'll have one.
vinfille: No worries. Your inconsistencies are your business, and the beauty of the web is that you get to tell your own story any way you want. I'm mostly just glad to see that you and yours seem to all be hale and hearty, despite earlier suggestions to the contrary.  
pneum0nic: amen to that! I'm also glad things have turned brighter for you lately.