Posted by lagbnaft 10 years ago
You know... times are trying. All in my life is well but somehow I still feel empty. Sucks eh? I'm good at making money but money does not bring success. Understand? I have love, yet somehow happiness eludes me. Hmmmmmm.... must be a problem with.....me?
kingskyprawn: "...somehow happiness eludes me..."  
Depends on the duration and degree of happiness you think an average person should have, or what's due to you.  
If you have experienced strong peaks of happiness in your life, sometimes the ordinary day-to-day existance can feel dreary.  
And how happy should we all be anyway, given the uncertain future? We probably all have some dread, at varying degrees of our awareness.  
Hang in there, keep an eye out for joyful moments.  
lagbnaft: As always, you have words of wisdon.
FoolProof: You always act weird but recently you've been acting WEIRD. All cryptic hoohah aside, what's the problem?
lagbnaft: I'd rather not share here... give me a call. I'll explain.
Time for Psychopharmacology
MrsBot: I hate those people who love to tell you  
Money is the root of all that kills  
They have never been poor  
They have never had the joy of a welfare christmas...You say you wake up crying  
Yes and you dont know why  
Money may not buy happiness but it buys a lot of opportunity to create happiness. Without it you can never be safe. Without it you can always wake up crying in the middle of the night and not know why, but in fact you do know why, you are scared you are going to lose your home and you'll have to give your dogs away because the tiny apartment you might be able to afford won't accept them. You know you won't be able to afford to purchase another adoption so this one sweet baby is the only one you have a chance to experience. You look at the $25 coat at Wal-Mart that you want to buy your child and you think "maybe next paycheck." You savor the little and you tell yourself you are lucky to have each other, but the fear remains. You are never safe.  
Enjoy you success and your family and your safety. And if you truly cannot, go to your local pychiatrist and get some version of prozac.