Posted by lagbnaft 10 years ago
Need to speak this out somehwere...  
I go to court this am, charged with assault. I feel it is an unjust charge but so be it. I, being a man, will not allow any man to grab, kick, nor hurt in any way a woman, even if I don't know either of you. My hack (lawyer) says I need to keep that to myself... dunno that I can. This fuck pulled her down by her hair and was kicking her... so, I... did what needed doing. I'm a little dude too and this boy was twice my size. I swear I feel the law is all about money.  
The only mistake I made (IMHO) was that once he was down I made sure he could not get back up.
Good Luck
LowFlyingMule: And listen to your lawyer from here on out.
FoolProof: No kiddin.
MrsBot: Lag don't be a Texan about this. I'm sure you carry a cell phone - when you see something like that going down, call 911 and let the cops deal with it. Then you don't get charged with assault.  
FTR, my girlfriend was just charged with assault & battery on her brother in law's girlfriend when she kicked the girl's ass for screaming profanity in front of her kids. My girlfriend pled guilty and got probation - a&b charges don't seem to be punished really strictly.
FoolProof: "when you see something like that going down, call 911 and let the cops deal with it."  
Put yourself in her shoes. Do you want for the situation (you getting your ass beat) to A) end as soon as possible through the intervention of a well-meaning bystander; or B) for the bystander to flip open his phone, dial 911, wait 5-10 minutes for the cops to arrive while you get kicked and punched on the ground by a large man?  
I think the answer is obvious. You get hit enough times and you can end up cross-eyed and slurring your words for the rest of your life - or worse. You can't tell me you'd let someone go through that and not intervene? That's no way to be. Not if you can help it.  
Lag, you did the right thing. (if not a bit too well)  
"screaming profanity in front of her kids"  
What's worse, that or physical violence to solve problems in front of the kids?
Fluffy: "Lag, you did the right thing. (if not a bit too well)"  
defending someone is a good thing. Going on to cause further injury to the attacker is a problem. Defense is a good legal defence. Offense is and offense. they use these words for a reason. My daughter gets taught the difference between defending yourself and getting sent to jail in her Kung Fu classes. It's a good lesson to learn.
FoolProof: I'd have to know the situation a bit better, I guess.
lagbnaft: You know the court system well... their stance exactly.  
My point is that he was kicking her so... I kicked him a few times once he was on the ground. Maybe it was not needed but... I did it.  
I'm 5'8" and weigh 145lbs. He was 6' and maybe... I'm guessing 230lbs. I told the judge this and it did not seem to matter. I just know I did not want him to get back up. My hack says if we lose this he'll prolly sue me...  
I'm far from the best of men and have hurt many women in my life I'm sure. But, I've never hit one and will never, ever in my life. This guy was totally out of bounds and it confounds me as to the courts ignorance in this matter.
FoolProof: Law and common sense are rarely on the same boat.
whoa there, champ. I'm not talking the court system, I'm talking about doing what's right. The two do overlap sometimes. Kicking somebody who's already been served is not doing the right thing. Sorry if that seems unsympathetic to your cause, but there should be principles involved in self-defence.
MrsBot: Ok, I guess I can't put myself in her shoes because I would be smacking the shit out of the guy if I could, and if I wasn't physically able to I'd be screaming things like "You fuck like a girl!" "Your dick is so small I need a magnifying glass to see it!" and "I hope that herpes gets better soon fucker!"  
My point, pure and simple, is that going to court for A&B charges is not fun. Calling 911 and shouting to the guy "Cops are coming, might want to stop beating the chick." might be a better option. Just sayin'.  
And no, of course my friend didn't do the right thing. She knows that - she's a hot head who let her temper take control.  
FoolProof: Funny, seriously. I giggled at that.  
...but I think that IRL, when someone is being beaten they don't always have the chance to be witty. If you take a good shot to the head or are otherwise injured, you are completely at the mercy of your adversary and they can do whatever unmentionable thing that they want with your body. That can mean anything from being mildly embarrassed to being dead. If this guy is twice lag's size, I's likely that the woman was in no position to defend herself. It's a good thing someone was there to intervene.
Make sure ...
kingskyprawn: The size disparity is obvious between the two of you - I hope your lawyer mentions it. Good luck!  
It reminds me of a story.  
My dad had the misfortune to be captured by the Japanese at the start of WWII, and spent the entire war in POW camps.  
Gambling was strictly prohibited among the prisoners, but still occured. My dad, who's of asian ancestry and stands about 5' 4", got into fight over cards with a white guy who stood a head taller than him.  
Fighting was very much against the rules, and so both of them were taken by the guards to a Japanese officer. Now, the Japanese army then was quite cruel in their punishments and discipline, even to their own soldiers, so my dad was thinking fast about what to say. He couldn't admit to fighting about gambling - the punishment would be doubled.  
"Why you fight!?" demanded the officer.  
"Sir, he offended my honor!" said my dad.  
The officer looked from my little dad to the other, huge guy, and back to my dad. A quick ghost of a smile came and went on the officer's face.  
"No fighting!" said the officer.  
"Yes sir!"  
And that was it. Both of them got off with only a nominal punishment.  
LowFlyingMule: Hahaha...good story.
FoolProof: Indeed. Lucky bastids, both. :)
lagbnaft: Thanks KSP, you made my night... honestly.
Your Honor...
lagbnaft: You've no idea what a fuck this guy was...
lagbnaft: I have a C&C and could have shot him dead as long as she didn't argue.
FoolProof: Ixnay on the ootingshay eekspay.