Posted by glitch p-udding 10 years ago
still crazy after all these votes...
i know it's politcally incorrect but...
FuzzyDave: I wanna punch her in the Neck Sticks.
FoolProof: I tried.
XIV: We all did, buddy. We all did.
vinfille: I'm still in denial. I couldn't vote in that race, but I wish I could have. Several times. Several thousand times.
bozino: for those of us who've had their political head in the sand for the last 8 years, who is she? and why is she so evil?
crataegus: That's Michelle Bachman. She basically advocated a new McCarthyism recently and called Democrats in DC 'unamerican.' She's a twunt and was expected to lose her race two weeks ago.
crataegus: Also forgot to mention that I do not despise her as much as Sensenbrenner. Bachman may be insane, but at least she's not actively suckling at corporate teats and selling out the American people.
FoolProof: Michele 'God Told Me To Run' Bachmann.  
If God be with us, who could be against us?  
Arrogant SuperXtian bullshit.