Leaving my bees.
Posted by Darwish 10 years ago
I wrapped my hives today. I give them the barest of coverings: a sheet of tar paper to keep out the chill winter winds and provide a bit of solar heat on cold days.  
Soon, in less than four weeks, we will be moving. I have passed the hives on to my beekeeping apprentice. Goodbye, bees.
vinfille: That looks so final, somehow.  
Don't worry, we can have lots more bees at the new house. Tons and tons of bees!
FoolProof: Bring 'em with!
Best. Potential. Truck. Rollover. Evar.
crataegus: You've gotta get the bees certified to enter each state you'll be taking em through. While that's just a minor hitch for bee trucks like in that pic, it's a pain in the ass for someone who just wants to move their own bees.
FoolProof: Hadn't thought of that. I suppose they don't want you transporting KILLA BEES to different parts of the country.
crataegus: Varroa mites and tracheal mites are a bigger concern than Africanized honeybees.
FoolProof: You rock. Is there a nerdy biology fact you don't know? :D
FoolProof: Dude. Freaky.  
pneum0nic: and adorable!  
crataegus: There are plenty. I only know a piddling amount about bees because I've wanted hives for ages now. I just have no place to put em.
Darwish: Finding space for them can be the hardest part. A good location can be even more difficult.  
If you live in the suburbs, feel your neighbors out, ask them how they feel about bees and honey. Educate them about the benefits of honeybees. Tempt them with gifts of local honey.  
Make friends with people who have land. If you know anyone who has a few acres, ask them if you can keep bees on their property. Yard rent usually takes the form of a gallon or two of honey. Worst case scenario: go knock on doors.  
That being said, beekeeping is becoming more challenging every year. If you decide to do it, be prepared for a steep learning curve and lots of setbacks.
vinfille: We contemplated renting a u-haul to take them with us, and if we had done so, we certainly wouldn't have certified them in each state we were passing through. It's not like state governments actually have the money to check on these things. Minnesota used to have a small agency that you registered your bees with, so they'd know where hives were and the closest knowledgeable person to call if a swarm was sighted, but that was shut down for lack of funds a few years ago. I imagine it's worse now.
FoolProof: Plus, if you get pulled over and searched that inspector is in for a hell of a surprise.  
Henry: zub zub (bee flying backwards)  
vinfille: you should post a picture of all your new hives. This is a sad way to end a journal!
cornpone: YEAH!
aktaeon: Dear Darwish,  
You'd better post an update, or I'll turn this peaceful assembly into a riotous mob. I'll cast a violent curse on you. I'll bring down fire and damnation. I'll submit your email address to Hallmark with all the wrong preferences and demographics. I'll hire people to point you out in crowds as a Republican former bank executive who contributed to the mortgage crisis. I'll print up weight loss cards with your name and phone number on them and glue them to people's windshields in the Walmart parking lot.  
Please respond at your earliest convenience, and thank you for your concern in this regard.  
FoolProof: What he said, mayhem value added.
Darwish: الصبر مفتاح الفرج
FoolProof: الصبر؟ كنت ضربت.
cornpone: Is that Isabella Rossellini?
vinfille: why does that bee have 8 legs and no wings?
FoolProof: I'll let you in on a lil secret.  
It's really a dog in a costume.
vinfille: Why does that dog in a costume that's ostensibly of a bee have 8 legs and no wings?  
Dogs don't have wings, but they also don't have eight legs.  
/me is still confused.
aktaeon: Sometimes costumes are born with more parts than normal. It's like polydactyly. So, you know, try to show a little tact.
FoolProof: Made in China.