Linkfilter Dreamin' II
Posted by LinusMines 10 years ago
(Monday, January 5, 2009)  
!! LinusMines is around.  
crataegus> I just signed up for another amazon that I can't read.  
FuzzyDave> damned poker-faced legendary women  
!! nyrath is around.  
bozino> i was thinking an amazon would be no easier or harder to read than a regular broad  
LowFlyingMule> lol  
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!! DirtyJ is around.  
LinusMines> So, uh, I had another dream with LFers in it last night  
bozino> do tell  
LinusMines> ...with me, FD and a third who alternated between pone and LFM.  
LinusMines> We were traveling down this verdant mountain range which looked like an HDR photo  
crataegus> apparently, doesn't have a wishlist feature.  
bozino> were you traveling on LFM?  
!! Dyskolos just posted Marco Polo's India.  
LowFlyingMule> hmm...  
LowFlyingMule> did we have pants on, in this dream?  
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LinusMines> You had pants, Fuzzy had shorts, I had, uh, I dunno...  
LinusMines> We three were chilling out on this "Sound Of Music"-type grassy slope...  
!! smith is around.  
LinusMines> ...when you looked off in the distance and laughed...  
FuzzyDave> i wanna be Liesel!  
LinusMines> The rest of us looked in that direction and saw this outlandishly spectacular scene of blue sky and clouds, and sunrays and grass and mountains  
* * * bozino claims Dweezil  
bozino> something like this?  
LinusMines> Amused to a man, we hustled toward it, only to find that it too was on a continual downward slope.  
LinusMines> Armed with walking sticks, we found ourselves walking alongsind a mountain on a relatively narrow ledge.  
LinusMines> ^alongside  
!! Skidplate is around.  
LinusMines> The highlight was watching this unreal rendered ground of green and browns passing quickly beneath our feet.  
LinusMines> We looked down over the ledge to our left, and saw another similar ledge and path six feet below.  
LinusMines> (actually more like twelve or twenty feet)  
* * * FuzzyDave sits down on a rock, panting like a chihuahua that's run a marathon  
FuzzyDave> no offense, but i hate this frikkin dream. where's the pudding and lingerie models?  
LinusMines> We took our hiking canes and dropped them over the side, where they magically reached down to the lower ledge  
LinusMines> We then proceeded to slide down the canes like Bat-poles to the lower ledge  
LowFlyingMule> glad i wore pants  
cornpone> we lfm, we.  
LinusMines> When it was Fuzzy's turn, he gave a "no, no, after you", so I went first.  
LinusMines> * The End *  
cornpone> did fuzzy look anything like gary coleman in this dream?  
* * * cornpone claps.  
cornpone> why will my chat suddenly not open in a new window?  
* * * FuzzyDave joins in the applausitude  
LowFlyingMule> Chat's Alpine Adventure!  
LinusMines> Actually, Fuzzy was casual-looking in khaki shorts and shirt, with sandals  
!! fabulon7 is around.  
LowFlyingMule> no socks, i hope  
shigpit> XIV: your ham is calling.  
bozino> no fez?  
LinusMines> LFM/pone was more NYC in tank-top and jeans.  
LinusMines> I could have been wearing a barrel in the dream for all I know.  
LowFlyingMule> alpine wife-beater FTW!  
* * * LowFlyingMule hi-5's pone/self  
crataegus> quiero ham fried rice  
cornpone> w00t!  
cornpone> about my chat window.  
cornpone> it won't open.  
LowFlyingMule> i had that a while back, pone. had to shut then entire browser down before it would work  
LowFlyingMule> time for me to go...later boys  
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LinusMines> later LFM  
LinusMines> Gallery of HDR one picture quite matches my dreamscene  
!! j d ess is around.  
clu> Photography has finally gotten to the point where it looks as CGI renderings.  
FuzzyDave> now that everyone has access to photoshop or photoshopish apps, the days of amateur snapshots looking like quaint amateur slapshots are now looking like tacky playboy airbrushings and 1998-era web graphics.  
FuzzyDave> i myself can't get enough Lens-Flare