Oh linkfilter..
Posted by potatono 10 years ago
Oh linkfilter, you're lookin' like an old boxer who's lookin' for his last fight. We're coming up on ten years together. What do you otter loving fucktards want?
FuzzyDave: I want you to be Happy.
FuzzyDave: And a modified Tangerine Skin (yes, I'm still using it, thanks to all your Help!) that features a variety of Hatepup images loading randomly in place of the "Visit Linkfilter Often -- God" image.  
I am more than happy to provide you with the hatepup pictures -- just tell me what format/dimensions/resolution.
LowFlyingMule: Definitely a Hatepup skin!
darkstar: ...on Earth, good will toward Space Onleys!  
Hope your 2009 is off to a good start, p-no.
I want
crataegus: a delicious buffet.
shigpit: And cornpone wants a unicorn, but he'll settle for a pony with a pointy head.  
Happy New Year, p-no!
crataegus: Bonne nouvelle année, oui...but about that buffet...
MrsBot: Screw peace on earth. I want peace in me.
Henry: I feel your inner peace & calm Mrs Bot!
MrsBot: Well that explains why I don't feel it... you've got it over there in your "Britain." Release my inner peace and calm!!! Don't make me print up bumper stickers.
LowFlyingMule: I want MOAR LINKFILTER!  
And peas on earth.
...a delicious oyster buffet, please.
FuzzyDave: the otter to the far left is a nazi.
Dyskolos: SHIG HEIL!
shigpit: Huh wot?
We will obey all of your dictates...after we have cake.
FoolProof: Damnable little bastards.
He can't do that to our pledges!
FoolProof: All otters are Nazis.
I want to thank you
pdxpogo: for creating something that brings much joy and happiness into so many lives. Can I has some bacon? Linkfilter showed many people the WAY. Social networking has it's roots I hope you are proud of it.  
Henry: Do you do after dinner speaking appointments?
Has boxing been good to you?
FoolProof: My intention's become not to lose what I've won.  
Ambition has given way to desperation and I  
Lost the fight from my eyes.
Are you taking requests, p-no?
FoolProof: Are you taking requests, p-no?  
Are you taking requests, p-no?
potatono: That's the idea. I figure i could give the old site some love before the 10 year anniversary.  
I could go one of two ways. I could port all the crazy code that we're using for blip.tv back to work for linkfilter, which would mean you'd get a whole slew of new stuff but some old stuff might not work. It'd be a major overhaul, new designs, everything.  
Or, i could just leave things the way they are and mix in a couple of new goodies for you.  
FoolProof: OooOooOOooh! Can you plz elaborate? What kind of goodies?  
/me rubs his hands together greedily. :D
crataegus: In that case, I still want a delicious seafood buffet. I don't need tables, though. I can eat off my tummy.
lorddimwit: I'd like to see something that shatters the site into a million billion pieces and leaves it a blasted, toxic wasteland through which the few remaining survivors wander, having been reduced to the daily grim necessity of looting and cannibalism.
FoolProof: Iiii.. I was thinking more like a 'Flag as Spam' button that higher level users could use to kill spam links (and save the admins the trouble) or a sexy new look.  
Let's save all the destruction for the PlayLand at McDonald's, shall we?
XIV: I'd also suggest a preview button for polls, much like the ones for comments and links. And maybe the ability to edit comments for 5-10 minutes after posting just in case. I'm a-ok with razing the fertile grounds into nothingness, too.
FoolProof: Comment editing is for bitches. <----QFT.