A Dumb Thought That Demonstrated That I Needed Caffeine
Posted by kingskyprawn 10 years ago
A dumb thought I had a few days ago on my drive to work:  
"I could probably withstand a lot of torture if it didn't hurt."  
My only defense is that I wait until I get to work to have my first cup of coffee.  
Goodnight all.
AB: I dunno, ksp, what about the torturor's feelings? Would you be able to withstand torture if you knew that the torturor hated doing this to you?  
I didn't think so.  
I rest my case. Here. On my case-resting table. Where all my cases go when they wanna sleep. Zzzz. Sleeeeeep. Sounds good../.,l;,mkl/'  
I wasn't sleeping! Seriosul!Y
crataegus: How can you operate a motor vehicle without caffeine?
pdxpogo: Subconsciously you might have been thinking that there is more than one form of torture. I don't believe water boarding is very painful but it can scare the bejebus out of you if you panic and can't catch your breath. Then there is the type of tourture that comes from playing Van Halen music backwards at 129dB 24/7 ala the stuff we used to flush out Noriega down in Panama. Likewise the Chinese Water Torture of the persistent drip to the forehead could hardly said to be painful but an hour or so of it and you will talk.  
So if you are the calm type and can master your sensory overloads you may very well be torture resistant. But now we know that. So it is straight to the bamboo under the fingernails... ;-) Each of us has a level of torture we cannot endure.