Posted by Birdieguy 10 years ago
"I don't know what's going on with those Game 1's but every time they're not starting well. There's no panic, just like if we won the game, you stay at the same level mentally. Now we're just going to go back and watch some film and come back stronger on Monday."  
--Tony Parker, 4/18/2009  
Anyone who knows these Spurs (1998-present) knows we've lost a lot of game 1's for some odd reason. In the 2006 West finals when we lost to the Mavs in one of the greatest series I remember (which we lost in game 7 at home), we won game-1.  
We lost game-1 against Denver in round-1 of our '07 Championship season, which we won in 5. Same exact thing in '05. In '03 Phoenix beat us in the first game in round-1, a series we won 4-2. Then in the West finals that year against none other than Dallas, they beat us in game-1, and we went on to win in 6.  
Minnesota 1999 round-1 game-1 was another.. That was the season when this Spurs dynasty began.  
I'm not worried.