Twit Twat Anal
Posted by Birdieguy 9 years ago
Anyone who Twitters, has gone anal. It's facebook's and myspace's "status messages" to an n-th degree. If you are twittering, then you are consumed with the fallacy that people actually care about what you're doing at every moment.  
Twitter simply took much better social networks, and tried to make them into a glorified chat function. Who really needs to know every aspect of your life??  
You'll never see me twittrering......
cornpone: I'm getting tired of this argument. It simply isn't true. For me it is a feed of what is going on in my town. Everyday the Creative loafing tweets a list of five things that I can go and do in my town. Things I most likely would not have known about. Networking, I've met a few local successful artists and writers who'd I'd have not met without twitter(exposure). The format is so simple and short that people who would normally not respond or interact with you, do. Contests, I can win crap from my local record stores. I come across interesting links from sites I normally would not visit. I can get the weather report from David Lynch. Twitter is a valuable tool even if you don't post tweets at all. If I'm away from the tubes for an extended period of time I can still communicate with my peeps, or document a vacation/concert/whatever in real time. Twitter also provides me with many lolz. I could go on.  
FoolProof: What he said +. I think you've missed the point, Birdman.
fabulon7: The weather is not what it seems. It's creepier.
clu: On the subject of not caring...
Why you should care about twitter
clu: I would just to like to point out that out of all the times you could have chosen to piss in twitter's cereal, you chose today. Today, in which there is a potential coup/revolution/civil war unfolding in Iran. With twitter being the tool in which many Iranians are using to get their message out to the rest of the world.  
"The western world's most feared government is shaking with insurrection in the streets after a contested election and the leading name in news, CNN, is shockingly absent from the story. Twitter, meanwhile, is how Iranians are communicating with the outside world. It's the best place to follow events going on in that country and CNN's failure to engage with the story is one of the hottest topics of conversation there." - Dear CNN, Please Check Twitter for News About Iran
With the absence of any real U.S. news coverage of the event, Twitter has picked up the slack.  
Iran Election twitter feed.  
Frankly, I care a whole lot about what people twitter about.