Some kids are more special than others
Posted by shigpit 10 years ago
Friday afternoon our son wasn't home at the usual time via bus from his school. At about 3:10 we get a call from the mother of one of the kids on his bus. "Can I talk to your wife, please? We had a little incident on the bus today."  
I hand the phone to Shigette, immediately hear "What the fuck?" and "You have got to be fucking kidding me!" after which she throws the phone at me and says "You talk to her, I am too angry to speak to this woman." (as my son walks in the door)  
Turns out my son and her kid (who is 2 years older and 150 pounds bigger) got into an argument. Her Kid (J) broke a toy, Shiglet then ripped one of J's Pokemon cards. Then J grabbed Shiglet's glasses off his face, twisted them, and threw them on the highway. If it wasn't for the bus aide, J would have then assaulted another two kids that were trying to stick up for Shiglet.  
J's mother said "Oh, we'll cover the glasses, and I'm really really upset about this. But J must have felt really strongly about the card that was ripped." My response: "I'm not going to tell you how to parent, but it's obvious this anger is a problem J has and will continue to have without consequences."  
While I was on the phone with J's mother, Shigette was calling the school district, the principal of Shiglet's school, and the head of transportation.  
Last night we spoke to a lawyer friend of ours. We will be filing assault charges and an order of protection. I don't care that this kid is 12. He had already threatened to blow up our house two Halloweens ago.  
As of this morning J has not yet been suspended from school because the bus company hadn't completed paperwork on the incident. I will not let Shiglet on the bus while J is on it, so Shigette drove him this morning. My ultimate requirement is that J is no longer attending the same school as Shiglet, effective immediately. And that J's mom reimburses us for the glasses.  
This is the poster child for retroactive abortion. Gotta love it.
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