For those who don't visit the Fuzzytopia
Posted by FuzzyDave 9 years ago
In April, I sent this photo to film director Michel Gondry so he could do a purty picture of me:  
Today, THIS arrived in Le Mail:  
Ayup. I am one o' the few people in the world who can say they own an original Michel Gondry water colour portrait of themselves being skull-fscked by penguin.
cornpone: Awesome.
FoolProof: ROFLawesome.
AB: HuzzahROFLawesome
shigpit: AwesROFLme.
LinusMines: AwesomROFLe!
That penguin
vinfille: kinda looks like he hates you. Or is at least mildly disconcerted to find himself straddling your haid.  
Just sayin'.
pneum0nic: I'd be mildly disconcerted to find FD's head up my hoo-hah, to say the least!  
the painting
Henry: The painting seems to have given you a monobrow...
FoolProof: I see two brows, separated off center. Artistic license and all that. :)