Push it to the limit
Posted by SpearmintFur 9 years ago
Saturday I take the GRE again. As I didn't do very well the first two times, I hope the adage "Third time's a charm" hold true.  
Fortunately, I've managed not to repeat the same errors I did the last time I took the GRE - get three hours of sleep because I stayed up doing not studying (I probably had school work or something like that), not eat breakfast, and did I mention not study? This time, I've been studying like, an hour a day at the library (walk is the only form of exercise I can get while I'm at home, but that's a story for another time) for the past month and a half. I have less than 48 hours to still be able to do data summary questions (where they give you some charts and do stuff like find the number of people based on a percentage - WITHOUT A CALCULATOR) and probability. Likewise, I have 48 hours to boost my vocabulary so I know obscure words that a graduate student should know (so far, I've gotten to "ascetic" and "disingenuous").  
I hope I do well. As the job market isn't great, I'd like to try and get into graduate school. If I don't do well, I might aim for law school but I'd rather go get a graduate school.  
Anyways, this week I feel like I'm in sports training montage mode, of me spending 4-6 hours at the library this week pushing it to the limit. Speaking of, I need to get started today!