Posted by Mac 9 years ago
Thanks to all Linkfilter taxpayers for sub$idizing my new vehicle. I really appreciate it.
Hugh2d2: lol!
FoolProof: Yeah, I don't want to hear any more bztching about wealth redistribution!
What for what?
kingskyprawn: What did you turn in (and its gas mileage)?  
For what car (and its gas mileage)?  
Did you personally get to spike the engine on the old car?
Mac: >>What did you turn in (and its gas mileage)?  
A Ford Explorer V8, which would have taken a couple thousand in current and upcoming maintenance to make it worth anything *near* the $4500 I got.  
EPA (CARS program website) claims 14mpg average, but I averaged over 19.2 (blended city/hwy) during the 12 months/15k miles I recorded it a couple of years ago.  
>>For what car (and its gas mileage)?  
Ford Flex (V6) with all the trimmings. With the CARS program, Ford incentives, and employee purchase plan pricing, I did quite well.  
Sticker says 16/22, so really no big difference from the old one. I didn't do this for the mileage, I did this to avoid some significant maintenance costs on an old vehicle.  
>>Did you personally get to spike the engine on the old car?  
No, sadly the trained monkey at the dealer gets to do that. Shame too, since the engine had lots of life left to give as a donor. It was the other systems that I'd have to spend money on if I was to keep it for an extended time period.  
I would likely have replaced it next year anyway (I usually keep my cars 10 years), but who am I to turn down free money?  
Unfortunately, I think that all this program does is pull deals that likely would have happened in the future into this year, creating a new bubble, and/or pricing distortions in both the (low-end) used and new car markets.  
Mac: Picked it up this afternoon.  
Thanks again!
Mac: And in talking to the dealer, they are not allowed to touch '1 screw' from my old vehicle.  
That's a shame. I think that there would be many solid spare parts that *someone* should be using...interior was like new, airbags, etc.  
The wife suggested that we hammer a few dents into the old one, and let the kids paint it...because we could....after we picked up the new one.
FoolProof: The program was short-sighted like that. I'd strip it down before i brought it in. No airbag, no catalytic converter,... Hell, you might wanna take the seats out. You probably could've gotten a lot more than $4,500 that way.